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Credit Union Storytelling

Posted by Susan Dyer, Kansas Credit Union Association on January 2, 2013


By Susan Dyer, KCUA

The American Red Cross has proved it’s a networked nonprofit that has embraced new technologies and knows how to use social media effectively. Their latest Storytellers campaign allows those who directly benefited from the non-profit’s services to tell their story through video storytelling.

This caught my eye, because here at the Kansas Credit Union Association, we’ve talked a lot about using more video and decided to incorporate something very similar to this Storytellers campaign as part of our 2013 annual meeting.

The idea is simple. Use real people, telling real stories of how an organization helped them. This is right up the credit union alley! The philosophy of credit unions is people helping people. So let’s start showing others how we do it.

Video tour.

Your credit has helped a member buy a house, when they thought they would never be homeowners.  Once they get settled in their home, ask if they’ll take you on a video tour of their home. What might come through on the video is the excitement of owning a home, and how they were able to do it, thanks to your credit union.


OK, not a real fancam, but similar. Ask your members if they’ll participate in your “faces” of ABC Credit Union. Take out your video camera (or smartphone) and record a simple 5-10 second video: “I’m Susan, and I’ve been a credit union member since 2010.” Or “I’m Scott and I’ve been a member of ABC Credit Union for 11 years.” Compile them into a short video and post it on your social networks.  It’s a great way to put a “face” to your credit union.

People Helping People.

Now let’s turn the focus from your members to you. Most credit unions do some kind of community service. Whether it be walk for charity, teaching a free financial literacy class, or delivering school supplies to  kids in need, be sure and document the activity. It puts your employees out there, and shows consumers, and more importantly, your members, that your organization really is not for profit, not for charity, but for service.

Keep in mind these videos do not have to be super-duper Oscar-worthy films. Simple shots, uncomplicated graphics and a clear message are all you need. Don’t limit yourself to just using video, incorporating still photos works, too.

A picture is worth a thousand words. People are drawn to images and video. They view and watch them, and they share them. Show your members, your community and potential members how credit unions can change their lives.


Susan Dyer
Susan is the Communications Director for the Kansas Credit Union Association, the trade association for credit unions in Kansas. She has been a part of the marketing and communications industry for more than 20 years. She has worked for advertising and public relations firms, as ...

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