10 conversations that are undermining your strategy and killing performance

Are these happening at your credit union?

The conversations that take place between your team members are incredibly important. In fact, they’re everything, says Daniel F. Prosser.

“Words are far more powerful than most people realize,” says Prosser, author of THIRTEENERS: Why Only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy—and How Yours Can Be One of Them (Greenleaf Book Group Press, March 2015, ISBN: 978-1-6263415-9-3, $22.95). “Unbelievable outcomes happen when you say how it’s going to be and then take the actions to have it be that way. Change your language and you change your perspective, which changes what’s possible in your future.”

But suppose you, the leader, are declaring bold possibilities full of fire and optimism, but your employees are engaging in other kinds of conversations? Bitter complaints, criticisms and worse.

“Unfortunately I’ve learned that the conversations in nearly 90 percent of companies are limiting, and they undermine and sabotage your company’s performance,” says Prosser. “Most of these conversations aren’t visible to leaders. Yet they go viral throughout an organization, kill morale, prevent engagement, and slow productivity to a crawl.”

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