10 critical things young leaders need

Leaders — real ones — want to grow. They tend to have an almost insatiable appetite to learn, grow, develop, and just get better. Now it should be noted that are others — and it doesn’t come from a bad place I don’t think — who want to want those things; but when it comes down to it, they really don’t. They like the idea of leadership, and they like the idea of being perceived as a leader; but they don’t really, truly like the hard work involved with actually being one.

Talking about leadership is easy. Leading is hard. But for young leaders who really want to learn and grow, here’s what they need…

Young leaders need someone to tell them yes.

In order for young leaders — or anyone, really — to grow, they need to be able to ask things and try things. Always hearing “no” will eventually make them stop asking. (And no, I’m not saying they should always hear “yes.” See below.)

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