10 fast facts about mobile banking in 2017

There’s no question that mobile devices are the way we do everything these days and we’d be lost without them. We plan our meals, track our exercise, talk to each other, shop, read books, check the weather, the score, and, not to be left out, perform our digital banking. Many of us open our smartphones first thing in the morning before we’re even out of bed. What time is it? What’s on my calendar for the day? You’re probably even reading this on your smartphone. All it takes is one good power outage and we realize just how attached we are to our devices when we can’t recharge them. With this in mind, having a user-friendly mobile app and a host of mobile lending products available to your members is paramount. Capitalizing on the popularity of smartphones presents a wonderful opportunity to showcase your products to an already engaged audience hungry for information.

Consider these recently compiled facts about mobile lending:

A study published earlier this year analyzed a cross-section of smartphone mobile bankers and reported the following:

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