10 Must-Reads: Why 2018 will be (R)Evolutionary

If you haven’t already noticed, 2017 was a transformative year. How do we follow 12 nonstop months of digital transformation, headline-grabbing cybersecurity issues, an explosion of digital payments and commerce – and so much more? If this week’s small sampling of predictions is any indicator, get ready to ring in the Bank of Amazon, better digital payments and data-driven everything. Feeling inspired? Check out our bonus read on THINK 18 – and sign up this weekend to take advantage of 2017 pricing that expires on Monday.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Three Trends for 2018: Safer Data, Faster Payments, Better Experiences

Mobile Payments Today

Hang on, everybody: “The emergence of new technologies and an evolving regulatory landscape means the payments ecosystem is poised for unprecedented transformation in 2018. The demand for safer data, faster payments and better experiences presents great opportunity, but also significant challenges.”

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