10 predictions for mobile devices

by. Rishu Mandolia

The transition from desktop computer to handheld device has helped shape the way we communicate, share information and complete daily tasksbut what else does mobile technology have in store for us? Here are my predictions:

  1. Intelligent apps will offer personalized experiences. In 2013, services helped users collect and track their interests and behaviors, from what foods they eat to the articles they like. 2014 should see companies leverage this data to make intelligent apps provide more value to both consumers and companies–like better recommendations and actionable statistics.
  2. Phones become coaches for a healthier lifestyle. While we already have apps that track how well people have slept, how much they exercised and the calories they consumed, this year companies will combine this information to help with better decision-making. This trend will be especially apparent when combined with the growth in smartphone sensors and wearable technology.
  3. Routine chores become a game. Adding entertainment to routine activities offers a successful way to motivate people, and smartphones are well-equipped to help. More services will emerge that track your progress automatically and offer creative ways to execute goals, while offering different types of incentives.
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