10 reasons to pursue your passion

It’s easy to get caught up in to-do lists and to miss the fulfillment that comes from leading others. When we get busy, whether with budgeting, working to unite employees or dealing with some other challenge, we can forget why we wanted to lead in the first place, and our passion can be tested.

But if our true desire is really to lead, then we embrace the hard work, the failures and the challenges. “The people out there who are the most fulfilled are those who do not give up on their dreams,” writes Sherrie Campbell, psychologist, author, speaker and contributor to Entrepreneur.

Campbell discusses 10 traits of highly desirable people – those who love challenge, don’t complain and get back up no matter how often they fall. Her list includes:

– They are real. Highly desirable people live authentic lives and don’t pretend they are someone they are not. This comes with accepting their humanity and insecurities.

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