10 trends shaping the digital world

What to expect now and in five years

To stay in front of the always-changing digital experience, credit union marketers should consider these 10 trends.

1. Digital channels will multiply. 

“Credit unions aren’t always open to new territory,” says Alexander Kesler, founder and president of inSegment, Inc., Boston. “But you can’t ignore the increasing number of channels. And you can’t just do Facebook. There will be more channels to manage, and to be successful marketers must be knowledgeable and embrace them all.” Don’t let slow adoption be a competitive disadvantage.

2. The frictionless experience will be a fungible commodity.

It may not be a single technology that’s most prevalent in five years, says Jim Pond, a partner at James & Matthew, Boston. Becoming more important for marketers is the evolution of member expectations centering on ease of access and automation—the desire, demand and expectation for a frictionless experience. “Consumers will expect the same, ubiquitous digital experience from everyone, from Amazon to their local financial institution.”


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