10 ways to boost member services adoption via social media

There’s no ignoring the prevalence of social media in almost everyone’s life. We are constantly checking our feeds to see what’s happening, seeking new information. Marketers around the globe are taking full advantage of this constant stream of attention and your credit union should too. Millennials, the largest generation in US history, live almost exclusively through social media and reaching them should be a priority. Here are ten tips to create awareness and draw attention to your credit union member services.

  1. Financial Tips. You are providers of financial services, and thus well versed in common issues that members may face or questions they may ask. Answer these question on social media. Chances are if three members have asked the same question, there are many many more that also want to know the answer.
  2. Show Your Community Spirit. Share posts about local businesses and community members. Showing your support of your community will resonate with social media users. Your community will benefit from the added attention as well.
  3. Tip Videos. Quick, simple videos giving valuable information are solid gold on social media. Share tips on how to pay down college debt or how to plan for a home purchase. This medium is particularly valuable because it’s so shareable and viewers can easily pass it on to their friends if they find it helpful. Who knows, maybe you’ll even go viral!
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