10 ways to improve the digital banking experience

The #1 Retail Banking Trend and Prediction for 2017 was to remove friction from the customer journey. These are 10 ways banks and credit unions can deliver a better digital experience in 2017 and beyond

With digital banking platforms now in place for the majority of banks and credit unions worldwide, 2017 will be a year to enhance the delivery of key services and improve the customer experience across channels. The digital banking choices available will expand greatly in the coming year, with the risk of not keeping up with consumer expectations increasing.

In the very insightful Insight Series report from Mapa Research entitled, “10 Things Digital Teams Should Be Doing in 2017,” there were three major trends or challenges identified that the banking industry must respond to:

1. Improving Digital UX. There will be a shift from digital quantity to digital quality, as it applies to improving the aesthetics and simplicity of existing digital offerings. This correlated to the top trend identified in the 2017 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions report published by the Digital Banking Report.

2. Improving Digital Onboarding. While digital capabilities overall have improved, the ability to sell and onboard consumers on digital channels has lagged. The need to vastly improve the digital application process is a user experience requirement for all banking organizations was highlighted in the Digital Banking Report “State of the Customer Journey“.

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