10 ways the wealthy de-stress

A recent survey on stress in America found 20 percent of those polled aren’t doing anything to actively alleviate or manage their stress, and 42 percent worry they might not be doing enough. The same survey, by the American Psychological Association, showed that 64 percent of adults reported being either significantly or very stressed about money.

Although the wealthy might not have the same financial concerns, they experience their share of stress, especially if they achieved their wealth through entrepreneurship or investment prowess. But the difference between them and many anxious Americans is that they’ve developed techniques to reduce stress that can work for anyone.

Check out how Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and more easily de-stress.

1. Maintain a Routine

Jack Dorsey, who founded both Twitter and Square, sets a strict schedule to minimize surprises — and the stress that comes with them.

“I think generally stress comes from things that are unexpected,” he said in “The Found a Business Book” by aspiring entrepreneur and teen author Jack Kaufman. “The more you can set a cadence around what you do and the more ritual and the more consistency you can build in your schedule, the less stress you’re going to have.”

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