10 ways to show leadership without a title

It’s a question and/or statement I hear some version of an awful lot.

“I want to lead, but I’m not a manager.”


“How can I lead when I’m not a manager?”

It’s not a bad question to ask and think through, and I admire folks’ sincere desire to develop their leadership skills.

The thing that’s important to understand, though, is that while it may be tempting to think that the time prior to having a management position is the time when you don’t really have to focus as much on leadership skills, nothing could be further from the truth. At least if you’re wanting to continue to grow and develop as a leader, that is.

Many of you have heard me say something like this a time or twelve, but one of the very first things I typically ask folks who are interviewing for or thinking about putting in for their first management position is…

“What are you already currently doing to lead on your current team?”

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