11 New Year’s resolutions the rich never make

Along with the typical resolutions to eat less and work out more, many of us strive to make better financial choices in the New Year. Unfortunately, even the most well-meaning resolutions aren’t always effective for increasing wealth.

According to Sujan Patel, VP of Marketing for Inc., “You have to think like a rich person to become one.” Achieving this goal means putting the proper time and effort into managing financial resources, choosing ventures and projects carefully and rejecting any investment efforts that could be considered frivolous.

Before setting your financial goals for the coming year, take time to consider these 11 New Year’s resolutions that the rich would never make.

1. Waste Money on a Gym Membership That Won’t Be Used

According to Nielsen.com, staying fit and losing weight were the top two New Year’s resolutions for 2015. However, a study by the Statistic Brain Research Institute revealed that only 8 percent of people were successful in achieving these goals. In light of this data, the wealthy would not likely consider a new gym membership to be a wise investment.

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