12 call center ideas in 10 minutes

Insights from Zappos, Disney, the Ritz-Carlton and other credit unions on how to create a learning environment

Three foundational building blocks must be optimized to consistently deliver engaging member experiences over the phone: people, processes and leadership.

Our journey of nine articles will cover each in detail. Part one discussed hiring top performers  and performance management. Part two covers processes. This is the seventh article overall and the final on processes. Specifically, we’ll share our experiences with such companies as Zappos, Disney, the Ritz-Carlton and other credit unions, and how they’ve created a culture of learning.

Best of all, these are practical ideas you can implement within your call center to help improve employee knowledge, increase engagement and ultimately advance the level of service your credit union is delivering to its members.

Idea # 1: Talk to HR

You may want to make changes to your interview process. That’s because you want to hire people who are passionate about learning. When interviewing, find out about candidates’ education, their hobbies, books they’ve read and are currently reading, what they are doing to improve themselves, etc. After all, these are the employees who will help drive positive change. For more on making better hiring decisions, read our first article of this call center series.

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