12 ways money can buy happiness

Money can buy many things, but can it purchase happiness? To find out, GOBankingRates asked several popular personal finance bloggers whether money can, indeed, make you happy.

While all agree that cash can’t actually purchase contentment, they say money can offer people the opportunity to do things that will bring joy to their lives. Money also helps eliminate some of the worries that make it hard to be blissful. Read on for 12 ways money can bring happiness.

1. Money Lets You Live the Life You Want

Robert Farrington’s blog The College Investor helps millennials get out of student-loan debt and build wealth. He has learned that money can help create happiness because it lets you live the lifestyle you want — whether that is taking vacations, going out to dinner with friends or even buying things that make life easier.

For example, Farrington wanted a lifestyle that revolved around his family. “Money has brought me happiness because it has allowed my wife to fulfill her dream of staying home to raise our son,” he said.

“Remember, work to live, don’t live to work,” he adds.

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