17 surprising things to do to be smarter with your money & save more

Between happy hours after work, travel plans, manicures and new pairs of shoes, it seems as though there’s always ample opportunity to spend and spend some more. Unfortunately, giving into our spending desires too often can seriously damage our wallets and bank accounts. Thus, it’s important to take note of your finances and prioritize expenses in order to protect yourself from financial strains and unwanted stress.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on balancing their life elements. By feeling secure and confident in where they stand regarding fitness, health, relationships, career and finances, they are better able to go about each day with high energy levels, productivity and wellbeing. When finances are a struggle, it can build a lot of tension that can seep into all aspects of one’s life and interfere with the ability to function, work and maintain healthy relationships. Plus, if you are managing finances with a spouse or partner, there’s double pressure to be responsible and make rational decisions together.

Here are seventeen surprising ways to be smarter with money, feel financially balanced in the present and start saving for the future. Trust me, once you set yourself up in a way that is sustainable, you’ll feel more comfortable and happy on a daily basis.

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