20 ideas to improve your financial status

Having an ambitious savings goal is great. But too often, focusing on a big number can lead people to overlook small everyday changes that would enhance their financial standing. Making a few tweaks can add up to considerable savings in a short amount of time.

1. Pay Yourself First

Don’t only think about saving for the long term. Even $5 or $10 saved every week can add up over time. Open a bank savings account and allocate a certain amount of your income toward savings each month. Link your savings account to your checking account and have the savings moved over automatically. Try increasing the amount you save over time. Even something as simple as putting a change jar in your house will make a difference.

2. Renegotiate Rates

If your creditworthiness is good, contact your auto, home and credit card lenders and ask them to lower the interest rates on your accounts. You can save big every month when rates go down even by just 1 percent. Ask your lender to eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance if you’ve accumulated at least 20 percent in equity of your home’s value. Ask your trash service to lower your fees.

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