2018 trends in mortgage lending: Getting the borrower experience right

Paper-based, clumsy or drawn-out mortgage origination and servicing processes confound borrowers, who expect the same digital experiences as when they get a latte at Starbucks or shop on Amazon. The need for an intuitive, frictionless digital borrower experience is increasingly key to lenders’ success – and underpins every major mortgage lending trend in 2018.

More consumers than ever are using digital channels to complete parts of the loan process, from researching options to requesting a payoff amount. This year, we learned that 68 percent of borrowers would be comfortable going online to access loan statements and 23 percent would be comfortable using a smartphone to schedule payments, according to Expectations & Experiences: Borrowing and Wealth Management, the most recent quarterly trends survey from Fiserv.

With that in mind, what can mortgage lenders expect in 2018? Here are five trends to watch:

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