2020’s top cyber threats in banking

CSI recently polled banking executives from around the country, representing 227 financial institutions from across the asset-size spectrum to uncover their top strategies for the coming year. The data from this survey was then collected and used to create an executive report to help bankers get a pulse on the industry’s hot topics and strategies.

According to the survey, bankers seem ready for cyber threats, rating themselves 3.7/5 in cybersecurity readiness.

While it’s encouraging that institutions feel so confident about their cybersecurity readiness, at the same time, it’s concerning. Experts warn that, as fast as institutions get a grip on the latest hacking techniques and install preventative measures, cyber criminals adjust and adapt.

Assessing 2020’s Top Cybersecurity Threats

The 2020 Banking Priorities Survey delved deep into cybersecurity threats to gauge bankers’ understanding of this continuously evolving risk and asked what is the greatest cybersecurity threat to your bank in 2020?


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