21 signs you need help managing your money

Managing your money is like caring for your health. Just as you schedule a visit with a doctor when you’re sick, it’s important to enlist the help of a professional when you need financial guidance.

Even if your money situation is under control, situations still arise that call for a second opinion from a financial planner. Read on to find out whether any of these troubling signs apply to you.

1. You Worry Your Card Will Be Declined

If you’ve ever stood in line at the supermarket mentally subtracting the cost of the items in your cart from your bank balance, then you might just need a little help with your money. Worrying about being able to pay for essentials could indicate that you don’t have control over your finances.

Use a money management app like Mint to help you stay on top of your transactions and bank balances. Your spending is updated in real time and you can instantly see how much money you have available with a quick glance at your phone.

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