3 bad managers who are actually awesome

We’ve all worked jobs we didn’t like, whether it was a temporary gig, or the job went on entirely too long. Often, it wasn’t necessarily the work itself that was the worst, but rather the horrible boss that oversaw daily operations. In fact, “bad bosses” are cited as the number one cause of multiple workplace problems, such as:

  • Constant turnover
  • Declining morale
  • Lower productivity

The disastrous results of bad management all seem to be shared across the board, regardless of whether the manager in question was an unrelenting bully or obliviously nice. Despite their failings, there are lessons to be learned from them, especially for those who are starting their own business. Below you’ll find a description of three bad managers, and the important lessons that can be learned from each one.

The Nice Guy/Girl

For those who have never had a boss that was “too nice” this may come as a shock, but nice bosses can also be a part of a bigger problem. In their effort to appease their colleagues and team members, they tend to embody the seven deadly sins of the too-nice boss, which include:

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