3 cybersecurity metrics to begin tracking at your credit union

Creating a vendor risk management program is of utmost importance in today’s threat landscape. So if you don’t have a program in place already, you may be wondering where—and how—you should get started. One of the building blocks for any security program is the creation of actionable cybersecurity metrics. These will help you go beyond “yes” and “no” answers in your own organization (and your vendors’) and see exactly how well-prepared your company is to protect against cyberthreats.

Below, BitSight has outlined three of the most important metrics your credit union should start monitoring right away.

1) Number of botnet infections per device over a period of time.
This is, without a doubt, the number one cybersecurity metric that every credit union must monitor. By examining how many botnet infections have taken place on your network—and what types of botnets you’ve dealt with—you can better prepare for (and protect yourself against) these types of attacks.

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