3 data filters to analyze member data at your credit union

“We know too much.”  Ask – confidentially – credit union executives what big problem they face when trying to wrap their arms around what their members really need and want and the paradox is that they have too much information. But not enough knowledge.

That’s the rub. The big data revolution has put heaps of customer data within fast reach of any credit union executive.  But – somehow – many believe they in fact have less clarity about what their members really need despite all that knowledge.

They are right too.

The reason is that the data is too frequently unsifted, unfiltered.  It arrives in a blizzard and the executives are blinded by the plenty.

Filters – automated tools – make all the difference. They bring the clarity an executive needs.

The First Filter: Member Profitability

Credit unions, put member service first, before profits. That is fact. But it also is fact that a credit union, to thrive and to continue to serve all its members, needs to know how profitable each member is.

Automated tools make this simple to discover.

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