3 more ways to save this holiday season

That is a large family.

Last year we looked at some ways you can save during the holiday season. As per usual, money can be a little tight this time of year. If you’re usually finding yourself in need of a little extra cash during the holiday season, here are three more ways you can save a few bucks during the last quarter of the year…

Don’t get caught off guard: The holidays come at the end of every year, so you should have a pretty decent idea about how much you should budget when it comes time to start shopping. I would totally recommend making a list and checking it twice (not your naughty list, just your shopping list) before you start filling up your online shopping cart. There may be new members of the family (like spouses or babies), so keep that in mind when you’re putting your budget together. Also, not to ruin the mood, but if Great Grandpa kicks the bucket, that’s a sweater you can cross off your gift list.

Cut back in other ways: Hopefully your holiday budget isn’t the only budget that you have to deal with throughout the year. If you’re pretty good about keeping track of your spending on a weekly basis, you may be able to quickly come up with a few areas you can cut back in order to save up a little extra cheddar. Don’t forget: Gifts aren’t your only holiday expense. Other costs include decorations (if you like real Christmas trees, that’s a big one), food, and travel expenses. If you can cut back on budget items like take-out or entertainment, you should be able to free up that extra cash that you’ve been looking for.

Turn Santa into Secret Santa: There’s a good chance you’re always going to buy gifts for your parents or your kids, but when it comes to everyone else in your family, it may be time to start cutting back a little. There’s no more confusing time in life than trying to figure out what gift to buy your sister-in-law. Essential Oils? These decisions are the worst. Fortunately, there are several options here. You can put together a Secret Santa (everyone gets a name and you only buy a gift for that person, you could try a White Elephant exchange (except you may not get that pack of Titleist golf balls you were eyeing and instead get stuck with some reindeer socks), or you can do what my family does . . . buy each other stocking stuffers. It’s the easiest.  All you have to do is keep your eyes peeled for any cool and tiny gadgets throughout the year, and by December you’ll have a bevy of items to fill up your family’s socks.

By the way, I’m a little stumped this year, so if anyone has any awesome stocking stuffer ideas, feel free to leave me some thoughts in the comments below. Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

John Pettit

John Pettit

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