3 most effective ways to coach employees

Recently, I was sitting at the bar at an Applebee’s in Flowood, Mississippi – having dinner by myself (as I often do while traveling for business.)   It wasn’t very busy at the restaurant – it was me and another business traveler at the bar and there were a few people dining at tables and booths. The restaurant phone started to ring. And it continued to ring. And ring. And ring. I was getting annoyed – one of my biggest pet peeves is an unanswered phone at a place of business. Finally, the caller either hung up or someone answered – I couldn’t tell. As I sat there digging into my Thai Shrimp Salad (fabulous, by the way,) a gentleman who I assumed to be the Manager began to speak softly to the young lady who was tending bar. Since it was so quiet in the place, I heard the entire conversation. It went something like this:

Manager: “Is there any reason that you didn’t answer the phone just now?”

Bartender: “My job is to tend bar. Not to answer the phone.”

Manager: “Actually, we’re a team here and your job is to do whatever is necessary. Plus there are people sitting here at the bar, customers who most likely noticed that the phone was ringing while you were watching the TV. Don’t you think that sends a bad signal?”

Bartender: “I have no idea. I’ll answer it next time.”

Manager: “OK. Remember – teamwork. And you’re not the only one to whom I’ll be speaking about this.”

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