3 questions credit union leaders must ask right now

“Every day more of our life is used up and less and less of it is left.”

Those are the words of Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius. So why then, do we act so lackadaisical? What has happened to the credit union community over the last decade or two that has caused the collective euthanasia of so many credit unions?

Quoting Heraclitus, “Our words and actions should not be like those of sleepers.” I believe that’s what so many of us have started to do. We’ve begun to sleepwalk not only through our life but through our careers. We must engage in succession and strategic planning for credit unions.

As I pore through data each quarter, especially that of merged credit unions, I spy so many missed opportunities. Last year, Chip Filson reviewed some mergers and posted this message that was included in a Notice of Special Meeting to members of one credit union:


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