3 reasons to get a part-time job in retirement

Retirement. It’ll probably be pretty fun when it arrives. But what if it doesn’t really agree with you? I know that sounds nutty, but some people actually don’t like being retired. Maybe you can’t really wrap your head around going back to work after you’ve decided to quit working forever, but here are three reasons you may feel the need for a part-time job after you retire.

It’ll keep you moving: When you don’t have to wake up for work every day, it’s probably fairly easy to get lazier over time. Sure, you might have some hobbies that you enjoy, but you probably won’t find yourself near as busy as you did when you were working 9 to 5. So, unless you’re planning on upping your exercise game, you may want to find something to do for a few hours every day. Sounds like a great reason to get a part-time job.

You’re lonely: Once you retire, you’ll without a doubt see a decrease in the amount of interpersonal communication that you’re engaged in every day. And maybe you’ve decided to retire before your spouse. You’ll be in a pretty lonely house most of the day. Working a few hours every morning might be a fun way to be social and help you support that hobby that we were talking about earlier.

You’ve found a new calling: After you’ve worked a long career, you may just be ready to do something else. Retirement can be a great time for you to discover your passion and do something that feels good to your soul.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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