3 simple marketing steps to reassure your members

In uncertain times, your members look to you. Let’s face it: no disaster recovery binder or business continuity plan can address the emotional toll “social distancing” is taking on your family, your co-workers, and your members. Schools and churches are postponing assembly, restaurants and branches are “drive-thru only,” and now almost everyone understands what “WFH” refers to (and if you don’t… keep reading).

Now is the time to build brand equity with your members and community advocates. Below we’ll dive into specific tactics you can use to lean into your brand identity as the socially conscious service provider your members have come to know and love. Moments like these build trust and strengthen confidence.

In other words, you were made for this. Show them your heart and your character.

  1. Be true to your brand.

Your brand identity should be a security blanket for your members and for you. Ensure your tone is true to what your members have come to expect. If your brand is lighthearted, use this opportunity to bring a welcoming smile to your members’ faces. If your brand is characteristically reserved, own that lane and be the safe, secure provider they know. Your marketing team should ensure all copywriting and photo selection follows your brand guidelines.

  1. Overcommunicate.

Next to faith and family, your members’ money is the most important aspect of their lives. They work all day every day to earn it and spend the rest of the time worrying about how to manage it. “Overcommunicating” to you is reassuring to your members. You have solutions to their problems, and they need to hear from you. Your marketing team should be committed to delivering quick turnarounds for your member broadcast correspondence.

  1. Be human.

Falling back on policies written during a tabletop exercise 3 years ago is the easy path. Compliance matters now more than ever, but don’t forget you are PEOPLE helping PEOPLE. Do our effort and our message make members’ lives better in this challenging time? This is the best filter for your brand decisions right now. Your marketing team should develop the most appropriate, comprehensive go-to-market strategy for your organization and your members.

WFH = Work from Home

Hilary Reed

Hilary Reed

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