3 Strategies to consider when onboarding millennial members

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You’ve been focused on essential business operations and taking care of urgent member needs. But, it’s still important to set your sights on creating memorable, valuable experiences for your new members. Taking time to review your member onboarding strategy is a great place to start – and doing so will remain key to the long-term growth of your credit union.

Consider a Millennial Onboarding Strategy 

When it comes to your members, you know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for everyone. By taking a segmented approach to your onboarding strategy, you can ensure you’re providing the necessary financial guidance to meet individual member needs – especially those of millennials.

You know the pandemic hit millennials hard; however, this generation is known for their resilience. According to Deloitte1, their resilience – and their financial prudence, is likely what has helped them weather the pandemic storm.

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