3 tips to stay in the money-saving mindset

by: Chloe Della Costa

If saving money isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry. Changing your money habits will have its challenges, but with a little effort, you can stop making so many unnecessary purchases and start building a sizable savings. The first step is to think about your goals and priorities. Why do you want to save money? You might be looking for the security of an emergency fund, hoping to spend less time working, or preparing to buy a new car. Recognizing what’s important to you will help you get to a place where saving money seems only natural.

Next, examine your financial behaviors to determine what you need to change. Look at old credit card statements and bills and ask yourself if those purchases could be eliminated or reduced. In order to have enough money to draw on for your savings account, you’ll need to keep the future in mind. Too many consumers live paycheck to paycheck, not necessarily because they have to but because they are impulse buyers. If you don’t feel savvy enough to make the proper financial decisions, education is an important step. Read about personal finance and take the opportunity to talk to people you know about money. Then, once you start prioritizing future needs over present wants, growing your saving account won’t be nearly as difficult.

Whether your savings journey is just starting out or you’re already a saver and want to keep it that way, these tips will help keep you from backsliding into poor money habits.

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