3 ways automation will spark the next gen of shared services

For shared services leaders, process automation is not a new concept. It’s been a critical part of the conversation for years as organizations have continued to consolidate services and move their service centers up the maturity ladder.

But with new technologies emerging, like robotic process automation (RPA), what does that mean for automation as we’ve known it? How will process automation’s own evolution affect your shared services team’s existing or planned automation initiatives?

These were key topics of discussion at the recent 20th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week conference in Orlando, Florida. A panel of shared services leaders from MetLife, Oracle, and The Department of Health and Human Services shared their thoughts on how the future of process automation will affect the future of shared services.

Here are the top three things the panelists said to keep an eye out for in 2016 regarding automation and the evolution of next generation of shared services:

  1. A new talent profile

Automation technologies continue to provide shared services professionals with ever-increasing volumes of data. Data about internal process and system performance, customer behavior, employee preferences, facilities usage, and more.

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