3 ways blockchain is reducing uncertainty

In a recent TED Talk, Bettina Warburg, Blockchain entrepreneur and researcher, describes exactly what we should be expecting from the upcoming blockchain innovations and how it is reducing today’s uncertainty.

Blockchain is a Continuation of a Human Story 

In this presentation, Warburg makes it clear that Blockchain is a relatively new technology, but it is not a drastically new concept. She explains that, “As humans, we find ways to lower uncertainty about one another so that we can exchange value.” Since early human history, when humans lived in hunter/gatherer economies, trade has been essential. As trade routes advanced and grew in distance and complexity, institutions such as banks, currencies, corporations and governments were formed to continue to manage trade. Eventually, we started relying on the internet to verify and monitor economic activity even faster. Now, with blockchain, we have the ability to interact and trade with low uncertainty through technology, rather than through governments and corporations.

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