3 ways to be more productive

Some days, you feel very productive. Some days, you just don’t. We’ve all been there. Here are three tips to feel more productive when you’re not feeling at your best…

Ditch distractions: In the office, there are a million things that can take your attention away from the task at hand. If you’re working from home right now, there are probably a million different things that are just as distracting. Figure out what your weaknesses are when it comes to your focus and and give those things the boot…

Start with the dreaded: Everyone has a task they don’t like. If you know which one that is for you, do it first thing in the morning. Sure you might not dream about starting your day that way, but look at it from a finished perspective. Once you’re done with it, your day can only get better from there.

Go with your brain flow: If you’re thinking about a certain task, it’s probably a good time to tackle it. Your brain is already in the right mode, so take advantage. You won’t have to force yourself to switch gears and you’ll probably knock it out quicker than usual. If certain tasks seem to work great at certain times, keep that in mind and try to create a routine.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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