3 ways to get your priorities in order

Sometimes it’s easy to prioritize your daily tasks. An average day usually contains at least a few things that can be pushed further down your to-do list. But what happens when you’re swamped and everything seems urgent? Here a few ways you can organize your priorities and get out from underneath that pile on your desk.

Assess the value of your tasks: Figure out which items have the largest effect on the business. Are certain things impacting members directly? Are other departments waiting on a task to be completed before they can continue with their own work? Looking at the bigger picture can give you a feel for the true importance of the tasks on your to-do-list.

Play mind games: So let’s say you’ve got ten projects you need to finish before the end of the week. Nine of them will take a few hours each and the last one will take more than a day. If you start on the big project on Monday, you’ll still have ten projects to go on Tuesday morning. Start your week with the shorter projects and by Wednesday afternoon, you may be down to the last one. It’s the same amount of work any way you look at it, but you can at least trick yourself into thinking you’ve got less to do. That can be good for your morale.

Stay focused: The most important thing when dealing with a list of important tasks, is just to make sure that you’re moving in the right direction. Emails can wait. Turn off your phone for a while, close your door, and get focused on getting stuff done.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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