3 ways to hit the reset button

You work hard during the week. By Friday afternoon, you’re probably starting to feel the need to recharge. These days, if you’re working from home, you may be even more exhausted than usual on Friday evening. The work from home lifestyle makes it easy to stay “on” longer than you would if you were leaving your office at 5 pm and starting your commute home. If you’re in dire need of some relaxation, here are three things you can do to be ready to go when Monday morning comes around…

Call it a night early: On the weekend, it can be very tempting to stay up later than you normally would. Your body is used to getting up at a certain time, so even if your alarm isn’t going off, you’re probably not getting a ton of extra sleep on Saturday morning. So instead of staying up later, go to bed early if you can. If you’re married with kids, this might be hard to do, but if given the opportunity, your body will thank you in the morning.

Enjoy yourself: If your job tends to be stressful, you need to find ways to release that tension. Get up and get a workout in or take your kids on a fun excursion. No matter what activity you choose, doing something you enjoy can help you rejuvenate yourself both physically and mentally.

Get some air: Between Monday and Friday, you probably spend a lot of time at your desk. As soon as you get a chance, go outside. Being out in nature, breathing fresh air, and being away from your desk or office is therapeutic. Give it a go this weekend and I’ll bet you won’t regret it!

John Pettit

John Pettit

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