3 ways to love what you’re doing (even if you don’t love what you do)

Studies have shown that 20% of people enjoy their jobs, 20% dislike their jobs, and the rest are stuck somewhere in the middle. If you’re not in the positive 20% then you’re probably not working at your dream job. But even so, you can find ways to enjoy what you’re doing even if you’d rather be doing something else. If you’re in that boat, here are three ways to improve your outlook…

Less negativity: If you want to be a better mood at work, you have to step letting others bring you down. While co-workers aren’t always to blame, when a cloud of negativity is overhead, it’s hard to see the sunshine. Keep this in mind the next time you’re listening to someone complain about work.

More positivity: Regardless of the negatives around you, there must be some positives to your job or else you never would have accepted it in the first place. Think about the ways in which you help your customers. Every day, you get to help people find solutions to problems. They really appreciate what you do for them. Being able to help someone out is a great feeling. Try to focus on that every morning when you roll out of bed.

Figure out your next move: If the job has you down, figure out what the problem is. Is it something you can easily fix? Great. Work on it. If it’s not an easy problem to solve, you have to make a decision to either find something else to do or stick it out and hope things get better.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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