3 ways to waste money on your credit union website – and 3 ways to spend it wisely

Are you spending money appropriately on your credit union website design? Or are you throwing money around like a belligerent toddler throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks? Based on the latest and greatest research, here’s what will give you the most bang for your buck—and what’s probably a marina-coated waste of time.

Ways to Waste

#1 Sliders and other blind promotions

Unfortunately, this is too often the first thing you’ll see on a credit union website. That doesn’t mean it’s a good investment. The problem with sliders and other promotions with zero targeting is that they resemble ads—and people tend to ignore things that resemble ads. Fortunately, instead of shouting random promotions at anyone who visits your site, there are other, much more effective ways to use promotions.


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