4 best RV road trip routes by region

Ah, summer! Time for lazy days spent lounging by the pool, backyard barbeques, fireflies at dusk, and everyone’s favorite—summer vacation. Pent-up pandemic travel demand is still in full force, with 73% of Americans planning to take a vacation this summer. Although 15% of travelers reconsidered their plans due to high gas prices, 79% of people who plan on taking a summer vacation will drive to at least one of their destinations.

And, why not? The United States is an epic country to drive across filled with endless geographical wonders and sweeping landscape views. Traveling by RV is one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to check items off your travel bucket list. Here’s a curated list of the top RV routes by region to help you plan an unforgettable road trip:

Route #1: California Loop

  • Distance: 2,226 miles
  • Number of Destinations: 11
  • Time Needed: 14 days

California boasts a wonderous array of natural beauty, from sweeping desert views to ancient redwood forests to some of the most impressive shoreline scenes in the country. This RV road trip route includes 10 destinations that will take travelers around the entire state. You can begin the journey anywhere you choose.


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