4 creative ways to save money without giving anything up

If you’re like most people, you’ve been looking for painless ways to save money. After cutting several things out of your budget, you may have found yourself backsliding, and buying stuff you don’t need only after a few short days. Sometimes being frugal is burdensome because it often involves denying yourself.  You may be hesitant to start saving cash because you’re afraid it will mean cutting out everything you enjoy. Well, the good news is you can save money and still have fun. You might even have more fun when you figure out ways to keep cash in your pocket and still do the things you love. Here are a few ways to save money without giving anything up.

1. Shop smarter

Do you always pay full price? You can save a ton of money by purchasing items at a discount. Know that you can still enjoy the shopping experience without spending a lot of cash. You simply need to pay attention to when you shop. Most stores have big sales around the holidays or regular clearance sales during certain times of the year. Learn when your favorite store usually has a blowout sale and shop accordingly. Also shop for certain items during specific times of the year. Each month, you can purchase items within certain shopping categories for almost half their usual price. For example, you can get great deals on automotive items in April and discounts on hardware and tools in June. Also take advantage of store rewards and credit cards rewards programs.

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