4 fundamentals of fearless leadership from the first female F-14 fighter pilot

Feel the fear and go forward anyway. It’s a powerful mantra. And it’s at the heart of Carey Lohrenz’s journey from a small, mid-western town to the cockpit of a $45M fighter jet. The system told her for years “there’s no place for you” and she decided “no” simply was not an option.

As the closing keynote speaker at NAFCU’s 49th Annual Conference and Solutions Expo, she’ll captivate you with her courage and lessons learned as the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the Navy. Watch a short video to learn more about her inspiring story.

Having flown missions worldwide, Lohrenz knows what it’s like to work in fast-moving environments, where inconsistent execution can generate catastrophic results. In her keynote presentation, Lohrenz will share with you the fundamentals that helped her win in the cockpit at Mach 2 – the same fundamentals that can help your credit union win in today’s highly competitive financial services environment:

  1. Be a Catalyst. Make change happen by focusing on what matters most.
  2. Be Tenacious. Overcome your fear of failure.
  3. Be Committed to Excellence. Prepare, execute, and debrief to accomplish seemingly impossible missions every day.
  4. Be Resilient. Turn adversity into success.

Carey Lohrenz has been requested by top Fortune 100 businesses to help their leaders develop high-performing teams to succeed in today’s rapidly-changing environment. And now credit union leaders from across the nation will be empowered by her insight and unique lessons learned. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from her during the credit union event of the year, June 14 – 17, in Downtown Nashville.

The time is now to be a catalyst for change, break down barriers, and empower your credit union to accomplish things you didn’t know were possible.

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