The 4 Ps of leadership

Positivity: Keeping your team positive in the hard times, is the key to maintaining a strong team. When things are going well, it’s easy to motivate, but keeping that positivity level high all the time can be a challenge. Lead your team well and provide them with hope and positivity no matter what is going on in your office.

Patience: Do you want to turn those reactions into responses? Want to see situations from an outsider’s perspective? Want your employees to know you care about the things they have to say? Want them to respect you? If these things matter to you, it all starts with patience.

Passion: What drives your team? Are they powered by passion? If you’re not passionate about your job, your employees won’t be either. Share you vision with your team, get them excited about what they do and watch the team succeed, both personally and as a squad.

Persistence: Things won’t always go as planned for your team. When adversity comes along, instill confidence. You have to show your team how to keep working hard and plow ahead until things get better. The more you persist, the more successful you’ll become.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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