4 reasons why great employees leave

Organizations should always expect turnover – that’s business. The problem is that some organizations do some things so badly that the turnover involves their best and brightest employees. Here are 5 reasons why the best employees leave organizations:

They’re constantly being told “no.” Let’s face it. There are only so many times that a person can be rejected before they start to question whether or not they’re in the right place. “No” is part of business. No one is disputing that. But instead of a snap-reaction of “no,” perhaps companies can find ways to arrive at a compromise or even a “yes” from time to time.

They were lied to during the interview process. “Yes, we want to hire a change agent,” “We want you to shake things up and make them better,” “You’ll have a lot of latitude in your decision-making authority.” How many of us have heard these things only to find out once we started on the job that none of it was actually true? I’ve been through this personally and it just sucks. Great employees will not work for organizations that lie to them.

Poor Leadership. This is a big one. Great employees want to work for great leaders. They will seek out and follow great leaders. They will also shun poor leaders. If your leadership isn’t absurdly great, your best and brightest will simply leave. Count on it.

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