4 things your credit union should know about the mysterious “Xennial” generation

You’re probably wondering, what is a xennial? Xennials are the new kids on the block. They are the microgeneration born during the years of millennials and Gen X from 1977 to 1983. Or when the original Star Wars trilogy was released. Xennial is a label for the inbetweeners, the generation that didn’t quite fit in or identify with the Gen Xers or the millennials. They are optimistic and tech-savvy. However, xennials still appreciate the simplicity of a pre-digital age.

Xennials experienced a childhood void of technology and social media and an adulthood full of it. They cannot live without their smartphone but still prefer keyboards to touchscreens. Xennials have different personalities and interests than millennials and Gen Xers. Because of this, they have to be targeted differently. Not familiar with this generation? We’ll tell you what your credit union needs to know.

They’re misunderstood
Xennials are not Gen Xers, and they are not millennials. However, they keep getting thrown into one of those two categories, and they’re tired of it. Xennials have the cynicism of Gen X and the optimism and drive of millennials. Xennials had to adapt to the 21st century at key points in their lifetime. Because of this, they cannot be targeted or reached the same way as other generations. Your credit union has to find a unique generational way to get their attention.

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