4 ways you have already been social selling on LinkedIn

When sales people hear “social selling” some of them immediately dread learning something new, which, in their minds, may or may not work. Before you pooh-pooh social selling LinkedIn, you need to consider you may already be using social selling tools to sell!

What? How did these process sneak it’s way in? Read on for four ways you have most likely already been social selling.

You have a LinkedIn profile.

Chances are great you already created a profile. Participating in LinkedIn is embracing social selling, even if you didn’t know it.

How to get more out of it? Ramp up your efforts by adding a killer professional photograph, searching every so often for targeted leads, and finding a common ground to approach and connect with them.

You use Twitter.

Even if you have never tweeted anything about business, the fact that you have an account increases your web brand, and your presence helps potential clients know about you.

How to get more out of it? Start tweeting about topics your clients would find helpful, with links back to your website, and relevant hashtags. Lead prospects to you, all without every making a terrifying cold call.

You use these platforms to nurture leads.

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