4 ways to get your team on the same page

If there are new processes in place, a new project to work on, or issues to fix, it’s always helpful for your team to know the plan of attack like the back of their hand. But how often is everyone on the same page? If you’re having problems in this area, here are a few ways you can get everyone in sync.

Show what’s under the hood: When a new project is being planned, involve your team as much as you can. Your team will take ownership when they’re looped in from the start, and when they’re fully invested, you’ll see a better focus and determination from start to finish.

Keep the chatter up: Remember that time someone failed and afterward said “We had way too much communication.” Of course, you don’t. If you’ve read anything I’ve written, I’m sure you know how much importance I put on communication. Meeting with your team as a group and one-on-one is a great opportunity to find out if everyone understands their role and how they fit in to the big picture. If you’re sensing confusion, start talking.

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself: If the finish line is a long way off, it can be hard for your team to stay on track. Break your project into smaller steps and keep their focus on one step at a time. Just like in college football, if you’re worrying about game 2 while preparing for game 1, it’s probably going to have a negative effect on your performance in game 1.

Be encouraging: You’ve got your team’s back. Make sure they know it. As their leader, you have the power to turn the ship around when things are headed in the wrong direction. Sometimes, a pat on the back and a word of support is all your employees need to feel motivated and refocus on the task at hand.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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