5 credit union social media staff policies your boss needs to know

Here's the 5 things in a good credit union social media staff policy that you must include!

Your Credit Union MUST have a full-proof Social Media Staff Policy in place, in order to avoid online disaster! Here’s the five main points you’ll need to consider when crafting your internal and external social media staff policies.

1. Define Your Audience:

You’ll need policies that are for the public and then policies for employees. The purpose of the public policies should be to explain your mission for interacting online. Consider using wording like:

“—- Federal Credit Union respects the confidentiality of each of our members’ unique financial situation and their personal financial information. Because responding to account-specific posts would infringe upon such rights, —- Federal Credit Union may remove the post and/or request the individual contact us directly to discuss their individual situation.”

Policies for employees will need to be more specific and govern how they behave online at work AND at home, and whether or not they will be representing the CU in an official capacity.

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