5 member business lending habits to hone

Key skills help member business lending underwriters raise their game

We’ve all had experiences that remind us that technical prowess in a profession doesn’t always equate with overall success. Consider the doctor who loses business because his bedside manner is too gruff or the sales associate whose overbearing personality meets customers 20 feet before he does.

These are easy examples to visualize and yet the point is a hard one for many professionals to take: You can’t be great at what you do if you aren’t also great at how you do it: How do you deliver tough messages? How do you negotiate and lead change? How do you build trust and credibility?

If you don’t know, it’s time to ask, because technical agility isn’t enough. Great underwriters don’t skimp on strengthening soft skills; they proactively hone key habits that position them as invaluable resources and advisors to their senior management team.

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