5 proven steps to success through development

The most impressive leaders continue developing after they succeed.

5 proven steps to success through development:
“The thing that makes you spectacular is what you’re reaching for.”

  1. Evaluate on a scale of one to ten, not ‘yes or no’. Don’t ask, “Are you good at energizing teams?’ Ask, “On a scale of one to ten, how good are you at energizing teams?”
  2. Reach for better, not perfect. If you are a “7” when it comes to energizing teams, how might you become an “8”. (Hint: Trying harder usually isn’t the answer.)
  3. Adopt a “one new behavior” approach. What one new behavior will you try this week/month?
  4. Include an accountability partner. Two go further than one.
  5. Reflect, adapt, start again.

The “who” of development:
“The answer to many leadership opportunities isn’t what or how, it’s who.”

  1. Connect with leaders who love learning. Smug contentment is slow death when it comes to growth. One challenge of growth is the acknowledgement that there’s room for improvement.
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