5 questions to ask before implementing a big data & analytics solution

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve efficiencies and processes, and more often than not, this means implementing a new system or tool throughout their organization or customer base.  Of course, these opportunities come at a high price in terms of financial cost, implementation nightmares, and human issues.  Often these implementations fail miserably as they run behind schedule and over budget; but with proper planning and techniques they can be successful.  In order to ensure a successful rollout, your project team must be able to answer the following questions.

Why are we implementing the system?

The first question your enterprise should ask is why are we implementing this system?  The reasoning behind how the new system will improve processes needs to be clear and well thought out at the inception of the project so that all parties understand why a transition to the system is important.  Failure to adequately identify the pain points that caused the enterprise to implement the new solution can not only hurt user adoption further in the project, but can also lead to rollout of a tool that doesn’t properly address the pain points that lead to the purchasing decision in the beginning.

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