5 MORE reasons to attend MAC

by The Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC)

It’s RADICAL. You’re looking for a conference that is perhaps a little different from the norm? Where content is king (and queen) with speakers who push you, challenge you and make you uncomfortable with the way things have always been done at your credit union? THAT…is what you’ll find at MAC Austin 2017

It’s RELEVANT. Speakers who are looking past GenY and talking about what’s next. That would be those crazy GenZ’ers! Programs with some meat (that you’ll love even if you’re vegetarian!) – and working ideas you can take home to elevate your organization. And because you’re one of us…topics you help us build to elevate experiential relevance, growth and profitability at your credit union.

It will REENERGIZE you! It’s in your water, it’s in the Austin air, it’s something we have been able to extract from those cute, little bats under the bridge – and it’s what you’ll feel like after a MAC week networking with partners and peers.

We are kicking off the conference with some Improv. Yep, you heard it right…Shana Merlin will be joining us for an interactive workshop on introducing a Culture of Yes into your organization.

Austin has the biggest urban bat colony in North America –That’s right… about 1.5 million bats live under the bridge from March to November. Every night they eat about 20,000 pounds of insects up and down Lady Bird Lake. During their “off season”, they migrate to Mexico.

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